Monday, October 11, 2010

This is a compilation of Evelyn's first month which Aaron made. He took a picture of Evelyn every day in order to make this. When she was born she was 7lbs 7oz and 19 inches long. She now is 10lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. It is amazing in this video to see how much she has grown. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Introducing the Jenkins Family

Welcome to our Blog. Let's get started with a little info about our growing family.

Aaron is a Junior in Computer Information Technology (CIT) with a minor in Accounting at BYU-I. He began as an Art major, switched to Health Science, then switched to Computer Science, and now has found his nitch in CIT. He works for IT Infrastructure on campus and loves it. Definitely a step up in satisfaction from retail, which is what he has done up until he got this job April 2010. Aaron relaxes after work by playing computer and console games, and I like to watch.

My name is Andilyn. I am a Junior in English: Creactive Writing with a minor in Theater also at BYU-I. I began in English Ed. and switched to Creative Writing. I worked at the Writing Center on campus from April 2009 up until a month ago, when the semester ended and I had to quit in preparation for the third member of our family.

I haven't been very busy lately, but it's been nice getting our new apartment put together. We recently upgraded from our old one bedroom to a two bedroom across the street. Same ward, same social life, just new digs. Right now my sister Kristin (fashion designer extraordinaire) is teaching me to sew curtains to liven up the white walls and blinds in this place. I'm excited to get our home looking like HOME. It's a process, but we're enjoying it. In my relaxation time, I enjoy reading and hanging out with Aaron. I'm excited to start school again because I also enjoy school work, especially when it's combined with hanging out with Aaron.

The third member of our little family has not made her debut yet, but we're waiting patiently. We still don't know her name and are hoping that she greets us by saying, "Hello, my name is ____." But I think that's unlikely. She is currently studying breathing and sucking techniques at Mommy's Tummy University, and in her free time she likes to get the hiccups, stretch out, and use Mommy's ribs as a footrest. Aaron and I are very anxious to meet her, but stay patient remembering that these are the last few days of real rest we'll be able to get for quite some time.

So now you know about the Jenkins family. Hope you enjoy our blog, and I hope we will soon have some very cute baby girl pictures to post.